The school has been in existence since 2007 where it first catered for grade 0 to grade 3 learners from its premises at 24 5th Avenue in Mayfair, Johannesburg. Over the years, however, it had grown to a point that its location was no longer adequate to cater to learner requirements and hence there was a need for new space.
New premises were purchased and the school has, since January 2014, relocated to its new, spacious premises on 18 Dunboyne Avenue, Crosby.

The school offers affordable, values-based Islamic education to Muslim boys, living in and around Johannesburg. It has done so in response to a perceived lack of quality educational offerings for boys to lower and lower-middle class families living in that area.

The school is also particular in offering a platform to instil a strong Islamic moral foundation in its learners, helping them avoid the increasing incidence of drugs, crime and so on and to give them the tools to become successful contributors to the overall society and economy.

Starting with 25 learners in 2007, the school has now grown to a size of approximately 130 boys. Our school caters for learners up to grade 7.