School Anthem

Here in Suffah are the promising gems

Standing on a platform strong and firm

Knowledge and piety are the treasures we seek

To raise the Ummah to its peak

Peace with Allah (SWT) and all He made

Remains our focus and will never fade

The love of Allah (SWT) is our strongest point

So all pains and stress pale to naught

The price of Jannah is never cheap

The blessing of Fajr is never in sleep

We have as models the As’habul Suffah

The earliest recipients of Nurullah

Where legacy has seen Islam this far

Through the grace of Rasoolullah (SAW)

May the flag of Islam be ever aloft

And only from Allah (SWT) we seek support

Lailaha illallah

Lailaha illallah

Lailaha illallah

Muhammadur- Rasoolullah (SAW)

by Hz Sheikh Abdul Qadr (Nigeria)